Prostate massage in London is one of the Cherry’s featured sensual massages performed for the male sexual stimulation. Prostate is known to be the male ‘G-spot’, which is the root of all the male emotions. A prostate massage is very effective in releasing tremendous amount of physical and emotional stress among males. Although it is an internal massage but it is something that every man needs. It is not easy to perform this massage because you cannot physically come in contact with the prostate, as it is an internal organ. It is a crucial element in a male’s body because it is responsible for producing semen.

This erotic massage is an adult entertainment – for gentlemen above 21 years old ONLY.

g-spot prostate massage
Prostate massage by Sexy lady

Our Prostate Massage Services

Rate:  Incall – (120 / 60mins ) Outcall – (140 / 60mins) To Airport- (170 / 60mins)

That is why we are here to offer you our prostate massage services. Your partner may not be professional enough to give you a pleasurable massage because it is no way for the female G spot to directly hit the male G spot. We have trained therapists, who have years of experience in performing sensual massages. We can offer you a stimulating prostate massage in a professional way that you will get to enjoy the moment like never before and ejaculate right away.

How is Prostate Massage Performed?

Prior to the actual massage, the therapist makes the receiver feel relax by massaging the penis and then the testicles. Once the receiver feels at home, the prostate massage starts. Professional therapists either use their finger or a tool to reach the prostate. As we are professionals, we know where the spot is located and reach there to stimulate the prostate. We know the exact number of strokes needed to stimulate the spot and let the semen flow. Gentle and skillful touch can let you enjoy the ejaculation to its ultimate level. Some people might feel uneasy about the erections or they might not be comfortable with the idea of inserting a tool into their anus but we are professionals, we don’t bother about these things. We are just concerned with providing a pleasurable experience to our receivers.

There are two types of techniques to perform prostate massage:

  • Gentle massage:  Gentle touches help in draining a prostate that is swollen. It not only helps in ejaculating but it also helps in relieving the pain and tension in the area.
  • Vigorous massage: Vigorous massage involves aggressive techniques for touching to make the recipient release and offer the pleasure he had been missing.

Pleasure like never before

The prostate massage is going to give you immense pleasure. The touch will cause a lot of sensual stimulation and you will love every bit of it. Some of the sensations would be new to you toobut don’t worry, it is going to be a feeling that you will enjoy at its peak. The prostate massage is totally healthy and it can let you achieve a better orgasm that you wouldn’t have enjoyed in a long time. It is just a 10 minute massage which once ends makes you feel relax and break free from all the emotional stress. It is a totally healthy way to release.

We based in Green park , Hyde park, Baker street and Marylebone areas, if you would like to enjoy an erotic tantric massage in the areas above, you can visit one of our massage centers. We also provide the DELIVERY – OUTCALL Massage services, available for all central London’s hotel and the Heathrow airport.

Appointment – Tantra style Prostate Massage.

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