London Asian massage Parlour

One of London’s well known reputations is the “oriental massage“, unfortunately that certain type of massage you are thinking of right now, some would say it is quite “degrading”, but in my personal opinion as a oriental masseuse girl who lives in London, the erotic oriental massage services are quite enjoyable, no matter which type of massage you are looking for. On the plus side, London does have another type of oriental massage, a “Traditional oriental Massage” for ones who have a tense body and need to relax.
Now the question is if you arrive in London, will you be able to tell the difference between those two?

There are 3 general types of oriental massage in London( at least from my personal knowledge, there are probably more random massages out there)

The Oriental Sensual Massage Palour (Full service)

oriental massage London

asian massage parlour in London

For men who are very sexually active, this oriental sensual massage parlour (or Asian Massage) could be an ideal place. The parlors are all over London.

The general description of what you can expect is once you get inside, you will see many oriental-look sexy girls on their websites. Once you make your decision, call them and get the address,(or send them your address if you want a outcall massage) . Once you get inside the room, you will be bathed by the girl (or girls) and then you will receieve a body massage which will finally end up with sex, of course.

The price range is GBP 100+ and all the way to GBP 200 depending on a grade of girls and services you have choosen, usually under a catagory “model” is the most expensive one.

The the full session of oriental massage in London is between 1 hr – 2 hr .

The well-known Asian massage parlor areas in London are Marylebone , bayswater & queensway (main customers are business men , travelers)

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The Traditional Oriental Massage with a “Happy Ending”

happy ending massage london

There are thousands and thousands of this type of massage place due to the cheaper cost to open the business. Their ideal service is a traditional massage with a “blow-job” or “hand-job”. They attract both Locals and foreigners in London. They can be noticed easily with the ways they advertised it. First they open until late night. They put up a sign like “Get a massage by a “sexy oriental girl” (Pretty (girls) are young women who work as a representative in some trade or car shows, usually to attract the male customers). The price range varies depending on the location and the “grade” of the model. It may start from GBP120 – GBP200. Read more about London Happy ending massage

The REAL Traditional Oriental Massage (or Tui Na)

oriental massage

If all you really want is a real Traditional Oriental Massage, you can notice by the type of decoration and style of the place; they tend to keep it in a traditional way, nice Oriental traditional music, quite. The workers are usually a slight older crowd, like a middle age women. They are also surprisingly cheap in price as well. It usually starts from GBP50 and up.

Once you go in the massage place, they may require you to change into a pair of more comfortable pants they provide. You can ask them for a hard massage if you are really tensed by saying “Yong Li”, or if it’s too painful, you may say “Qing Dian”.