Incall massage vs outcall massage

Incall vs outcall

With the rapid development of massage industry, traditional massage methods have been improved and more new and creative forms have come out. Now the incall massage and outcall massage become the new trend in the industry, which have had a great influence on the lives of urban people.


Guangzhou, with the reputation of taking priority of health care, almost has the same number of massage agencies just as barber shops. No matter you are in the center of city of any communities, massage agencies are everywhere. In recent years, incall massage has gained its popularity here in Guangzhou. However, most managers who are in charge of traditional massage agencies said that their business was not influenced. What’s more, many of them indicate that they are willing to cooperate with those who work for incall massages so that their customers can have a better experience. It is surprised to see that many people who work in the massage agencies are optimistic about the new trend incall massage. Somehow young people today are more concerned about their health condition. So a great deal of massage technicians hold the view that incall massage are more likely to attract young people, which will lead to the further development and improvement of the whole massage industry.


“I am so sorry, our massage technicians are not available today and tomorrow, will it be okay for the day after tomorrow?” Many citizens who planned to have a massage at weekends may be faced with this situation. However, this kind of awkward will no longer exist. Since incall massage becomes popular in Guangzhou this year, a growing number of urban citizens are able to enjoy massage without going out to massage agencies. What they need to do is to make a reservation, and then you can have a desirable and relaxed weekend.


Here is a brief introduction about how to make a reservation. You just have to open the website through Weixin or the massage application and fill in some basic information. Make sure the time and location, and choose your favorite massage technician. This kind of incall massage procedure have been accepted by more and more customers. However, there still exists some wories and troubles. Will incall massage be safe? Will there be any sexual service? How to guarantee the quality of incall massage? In order to win the trust of customers, many massage agencies recommend skilled and brilliant technicians to customers. Will you be willing to try incall massage?


As a matter of fact, the profit of massage industry is awesome due to the great demand in market. Though the price of massage is not cheap, the number of customers is still growing. Many entrepreneurs see business opportunities from this. Several days ago, a journalist in Guangzhou seek “massage” in Meituan, a software which introduces good sellers and shops for customers, and there are about 1185 pieces of relevant information. It means that in Guangzhou, there are more than one thousand massage agencies. This journalist then interviewed some famous massage agencies and found that averagely more than 20 customers would come here for massage and the number would double at weekends. Some small sized massage agencies at least receive 10 customers everyday. The average price about one customer is about 60 Yuan. The total income of more than 1000 massage agencies in one year may reach up to 438 millions.


As we can see from the data above, incall massage actually do not harm the regular business of outcall massage. In contract, they will together enhance the development of massage industry.