Poem share:Erotic Slam

You torture me so sensually

Poet don’t go

I need your poems so

Rip off another satin line

Bind me to your brilliant mind

Chain me in your poetry

Tied to your philosophy

Bare me with your naked song

Tantric-ly 3 minutes long

Licking up your eloquence

Sucking spoken innocence

Thrust your deepest prose in

Slam your rock hard rhymin

Up to that G spoted tone

Take the tempo faster, moan

Sear me with your satire quick

Brand me with your sharpest wit

Pierce me with a hot metaphor

Tattoo one perfect word, I implore

Begging to suck your syllables

Taste your ink aphrodisiac edibles

Climax your phrase and meter within

Swallowing every drop of your… pen

Surmerge me in your poetry, overdose

Drown me with your passionate prose

In your poems I luxuriate

To sensually, mentally satiate

Do you feel something inside you is ready to do something?

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