Sensual mutual massage in London

a Sensual Date by Vivi

vivi's sensual massageExperienced & sexy Oriental sensual massage girls are often in high demand these days, myself included. As I prepare myself for a date, slowly and seductively dressing myself in the soft light of my boudoir, I’m usually fairly unaware of what the night will bring. For me, there is nothing more exciting than this; discovering what the night has to offer as and when it happens. This one night in particular service is a very good example of how a date with me can be fairly surprising, certainly intriguing! John was a regular customer of mine, and we had been on many sessions together already. As I tend to work in central London, there is always something new and exciting to experience and John is a fairly attentive and considerate gentleman, one who is always looking to keep things interesting and treat me in a way a lady deserves to be treated.

On this particular night, John pulled out all the stops. Of course, I’m fairly used to my client is trying to pamper me, it tends to come with the territory and I’m certainly not complaining, but it’s amazing to think how this gentleman, whose company I had previously enjoyed many times before, could suddenly turn into an exciting mutual sensual massage. I like to think of myself as being something of an expert where massages are concerned, but it is certainly rare for a date of mine to think into its depth about my own needs in this sense. John on the other hand was more than willing and after we shared a delightful intimate meal, he used his strong and yet gentle hands to thoroughly relax every part of my body. Safe to say that his skills were put to very good use.