Massage therapy modalities

Massage, originated from China, is one of the most ancient way of treatment in the human history. Combined with modern medical theory, massage is used to press and rub certain acupuncture points to reach the purpose of disease prevention and treatment of a therapeutic method.


Now I will briefly talk about the benefits of massage therapy modalities.

  1. For spring fever

With the coming of spring, some people will have a feeling of restlessness, excitement, or laziness. The transfusion from winter to spring is the biggest reason. In winter, our brains are gradually accustomed to function in the condition of sufficient oxygen. However, when spring comes, with the rising temperature and warmer sunshine, our skin blood vessels gradually expand, blood flow is increased and sweat glands and pores also will be open. While the total amount of human blood does not increase which resulting in a relative reduction in the volume of brain energy supply. What’s more, the warm spring weather and relative high humidity have a good sedative and hypnotic effects on the human brain cortex, the mind will naturally feel dull and sleepy. So a great deal of people may feel tired after lunch even though they have not finished complicated tasks. In this case, the efficiency and quality of your job will be influenced and you will not be satisfied with your schedule. If you want to feel energetic and vigorous again and get away with spring fever, massage therapy will be an appropriate choice for you. There are some certain methods in massage which are able to alleviate the symptoms of spring fever.


  1. To alleviate the symptoms of excessive internal heat in spring

In spring, the internal heat in human body will start to increase, many organs especially the liver will have excessive internal heat. Once this internal heat comes out, the balance of yin and yang in human body will be destroyed. If you live in the northern part of the country, the dry and windy weather may aggravate the symptoms of excessive internal heat. Several typical symptoms about excessive internal heat are dental ulcer, gall in the throat and so on. Many people still wear heavy clothes even in spring as they are not used to the coming of spring and scared of the flue. However, when the temperature is over 15 degree and you still wear heavy clothes like winter, those symptoms will not alleviated and even be more serious as the internal heat is increased. While at this time, you may have worries about how to keep healthy during this weather changing period. Massage therapy is here to help you. The relaxation of your body will naturally be beneficial to your health care and of course the symptoms of excessive internal heat will no longer exist.


  1. Relieve the pressure of neck

For those who always work extra hours, backbone problems cannot be ignored. You may be used to the pain in your neck but you cannot delay the relative treatment. Massage therapy can well stimulate the trapezius muscle between the shoulder and the neck. And this kind of massage method is relatively easy for you to perform anywhere, you just have to put your hand behind the head and then slowly move your head downward as far as you can, and then move back. If your pain is serious, you may have to find an authentic massage agency to help you.


In short, massage therapy modalities at present has a very board market. Actually, massage has gradually gone into thousands of households and become a vital part in people’s life.