History of massage

Massage has a very long history in China. As early as in ancient times, medical activities about massage was begun. After a long period of accumulation and practice of many massage technicians, people gradually understand the benefits that massage therapy can bring to them. By external manipulation in the patient’s body, certain parts and acupuncture points will be stimulated. This kind of manipulation will convert into energy and generate into human body which consequently change the function of body system and achieve the therapeutic effect. The following text is a brief introduction to the history of massage.


A large number of bamboo and silk which recorded a lot of information and introduction of massage, breathing guidance was unearthed in Mawangdui, Changsha. These unearthed books reflect the fact that massage therapy has been widely applied in clinical treatment in spring and autumn and Warring States period or even earlier times.


Massage treatment was originated in the central region of China. In Qin and Han Dynasties, guide and breathing exercises, health prevention methods was included in the massage therapy. The doctor Zhang Zhongjing completed the book “Golden Chamber”according to his many years of practical experience. This well-known book have very detailed description of the effect of massage therapy.


During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, with the development of productive forces, cultural prosperity, medical subjects was gradually improved and completed. Formal subject massage has been included in the national medical education. There were specialized massage institutions with massage specialists and specialist doctors. What’s more, teaching activities about massage were started to promote the development of massage therapy. Many rich and entitled families started to regard massage as a new way of treatment to deal with some physical pains.


During the Song Dynasty, massage therapy was even used to help pregnant women deliver babies. Massage has become more and more mature in the Ming and Qing dynasties. The biggest breakthrough mainly in the pediatric massage. Also, health massage and bone massage have formed a system with rich content knowledge. At that time, many medical books about massage were edited and published. The most typical one is “Pediatric massage”, which can be considered as the earliest book about massage. Many other correlative books about pediatric massage were published as well. During this period, massage was developed and improved into a new level. People’s view about massage was also improved, which means that massage really take a great leap in its history. Since then, massage therapy began to bid farewell to its not standardized past and finally embarked on the stage of medical history.


While now in modern society, with the rapid development of the whole globe, the massage therapy industry has entered into a much broader market. More forms have appeared in many parts of the world. Row upon row of massage houses can been seen in the streets. Massage technicians who are wearing white coats are helping patients with their skilled and professional external manipulation to alleviate physical pain. For those urban citizens who want to keep fit under high pressure, massage can really do a good job. The best part about massage is that there is no restriction in the age. No matter you are old or young, there always will be an appropriate massage therapy for you.


I sincerely believe that in the near future, new and creative forms of massage therapy will be developed so that more and more people are able to benefit from massage. And with an increasing number of people caring for their health conditions, massage will gain its popularity around the globe.