Funny guy’s experience of Oriental massage

Here is a funny guy writing about his experience when first going to a Asian Massage Parlor in Amarica.

I am in USA and here I share my experience about my “Asian Massage“.

My friend goes to get these things all the time and begged me to go cuz i didnt believe him so i finally went. The asian lady who greeted us was fucking hot, luckily i got her.

she said been here before? nope. she said ok undress completely and lay face down. she left the room and i did, she came in put a cover over my back and started giving me a massage. ten mins in she says “you police?” the second she said that in my head i was like fuck yes blow job time. i told her no, she said you undercover? no lol ok .. still giving me same decent massage, 10 mins later AGAIN you undercover police right? NO! ok . still massaging me, then she says ok flip over. so i did and of course i have a fucking raging boner that i was trying to control. this chick was fucking hot, early 20s petite, nice sized tits and wearing leggings or some shit. so shes still massaging me face up with a cover again and goes you want a full body correct? um yeah. then she asks againnn so what do you do for a living again? policemen right? NOOOO. i didnt hint or ask once for the happy ending but still knew it had to be coming. then she started to slowly massage my dick and balls over the cover and i have my eyes shut the whole time, then she takes to cover off and says ok relax time now your very tense. bends down and under the massage table gets lotion and starts rubbing it on my legs and shit then slowly playing with me again, then going away, then gets more lotion and rubs in her hands. she then takes my right hand and puts it on her butt cheek then starts to jerk me off. omfg amazing im thinking in my head. im thinking cant believe this actually happens, so good. i started rubbing her over her pants and trying to go down her pants and she says no no no. then i go up her shirt no no no again! i said you have to give me head i cant do this she said nooo, i said yesss big tip and she said ok 40$ minimum. i said done and she wiped me off and starts blowing me, didnt tell her i was about to cum and started to cum in her mouth and she then got mad and jerked me off. then she gave me a table shower, shit was crazy. as she was drying me off she says, so you undercover police right”? i said no again but wanted to so bad break out my gold pba card and be like yes i am give me money back lol but then got dressed, tipped her 40$ and went to leave..apparently my friend stiffed his girl and told her to come to me for extra tip but i didnt give her anything and they were mad. fuck this was long but so good

my Asian massage notes:

went with friend to asian massage place bc i didnt believe they gave happy endings.
got handjob/blowjob
came in mouth
got asked 10-15x if i was a cop/undercover cop
go table shower
left feeling amazing

Comment by Lisa Cherry Touch London:

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