Clothes Tease Test

I’m Kim, 24 and despite my angelic name I can be devilishly horny. I was a totally bad girl the other day! And I’ve got to confess! I mean, I know all you London Sensual Massage fans just love to hear us massage girls naughty confessions, right? *Giggle*

kim5I went shopping earlier this week and got this super-sexy skirt. It’s so short and clings to my every curve. Ok, so I totally bought it to wear out to, like, the bar and stuff. But being the tease that I am, I couldn’t resist going out to torment any unsuspecting victim with my hot outfit! I call it a clothes tease test.

Of course, I teased everyone I encountered that day, guys on the train, a cute lad in a shop, a group of builders by the roadside, stuff like that. But this naughty girl had the most fun eating lunch in the city with my sexy escort girlfriends.

Not only did I have on this dangerously short skirt, I had on a pair of skyscraper heels, stockings and these awesome pink lacy panties that any hot bloodied male would love to tear from me with their teeth! *Giggle*

So when I sat down in the restaurant, I saw this cute guy who kept staring at me. I decided he needed to be subjected to some of my speciality tease. I surreptitiously pulled the neckline of my little halter top down lower and the hem of my skirt a little higher. My long legs and cleavage attracted attention like a beacon and when he walked around behind me I knew what to do. I got up on my knees in my chair and leant forward across the table. I pretended to look at my girlfriends new mobile phone and as I did so I felt what little skirt I had slide slowly up my bum even further!

The restaurant went hush and the poor lad saw all the way up my skirt to my sexy panties. I wiggled my bum appreciatively and guess what? He dropped his drink and didn’t know where to look! *Giggle*

My skirt obviously past the clothes tease test. Now I’m trying to decide if I want to go out tonight and tease some more, or if I’d rather stay home and work seeing a few gentlemen just like you.

So I’m thinking if you want to help make up my mind you need to pick up your phone and book me before I go out! Remember my name, Kim. What’s it to be, in or out? XXX