Back to London

Hello again!
As some of you may have noticed I have been away for quite a few weeks. The holiday season is always a good moment to unwind. Moreover, it was so warm in London that I had to escape the city. Even for massage I felt it was too hot.

Obviously our customers felt the same and London Asian massage was a kind of not now darling. Anyways, I am already back for a few weeks and feel very well. As we have lots of things going on, I could not find the time and inspiration for a new blog post. I apologise for that.

Lots of things are happening and new girls ar getting on board.

I just read an article that said erotic massage is kind of primary need for men to survive in hectic London. So luckily for ‘the men’ Oriental Touch is open 7 days per week to provide you with that much needed total relaxation. Our masseuses seem to be always happy – which is perfect to set the tone for an erotic massage. And as nudity is like a second nature to them, all our massages are performed fully nude.

In my mailbox I have received quite a number of lovely emails from customers who liked our photo gallery so much. They love the fact that our photos are real and that the masseuse in the photos is the same one who arrives at their place.

To us that is quite normal, but apparently there are still agencies in London who use photos to lure customers and then send a masseuse that is completely different than the one in the pictures.
Anyways, quality always survives and these foul play agencies will quickly discover that customers do not like this strategy.

Cherry Touch London – the real thing, the real touch!